Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to learn more about Online Academy or are you experiencing technical difficulties?
Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about Online Academy. Click on a Question to see the answers.
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Signing up

  • How do I sign up for Online Academy?
    You can sign up by clicking the ‘SIGN UP’ button on our homepage. You will be asked to select a payment method. When you select iDeal your subscription will be for one month and it will renew every month. You can cancel it at any time from your profile settings.
  • What is the price of a subscription?
    An individual subscription to Online Academy is €179,40 per year. With your first iDeal payment you authorize Online Academy for SEPA debt collection every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your profile. Cancellation is monthly.
  • How can I sign up with a voucher code?
    When you have a voucher code, select ‘I have a voucher code’ as payment in the sign up form. Enter your voucher code and the other requested data. Select ‘Finish’ and you are all set. You’ll receive a verification email to start using your account and set a password.
  • Vouchercode business users
    Did you receive a vouchercode from an Online Academy account manager? You can use that in the same way as all other codes. Go to our Sign up form, select ‘voucher code’ as payment method and sign up.
    When you did not get a code but we did set up an account for you, you can select ‘via employer’ as payment option.

Technical questions

  • Is my data safe at Online Academy?
    Yes, off course. We meet strict safety requirements. Next to a secure HTTPS connection we use OWASP 10 as base for security. Our platform is regularly tested and we do all we can to secure your data. For more information on privacy please read our privacy statement.

Courses, webinars and more

  • How do i get a certificate?
    Certificates in Online Academy are automatically generated when you complete a course successfully. When you completed all activities of your course, and in some cases passed the test, you can find your certificate at the bottom under ‘follow-up’. You can download it as PDF.
  • How many courses can I take?
    With an Online Academy subscription you are allowed full access to all courses you see in the catalog. You can take as many as you want, as often as you want. Please do take in to consideration that generally it is more effective to focus on one course at a time, finish it and then continue.
  • How can I start a learning journey?
    Go to our ‘catalog’ page. There you can filter on ‘journeys’. These are longer programmes in which different courses are completed. When you already completed a course that is in a journey, you have got a head start and can just proceed on finishing the journey.
  • How do I stop a course?
    You can stop a course by clicking the cross on the right side of it For courses that are part of a journey: you can only unsubscribe for the whole journey. Pay attention! All your progress will be lost when you unsubscribe for a course or journey, this can not be undone.

Personal Assistent and reminder settings

  • What is the personal assistant?
    Our assistant helps you achieve your goals. When you are very disciplined and like learning on your own pace, you can switch off all reminders. When you tend to forget to take your course, set your reminders to more frequent so we can help you to make progression.
  • How can I switch off/on reminders?
    Log in to Online Academy and you will end up on the ‘dashboard’ page. Scroll down the page to find the personal assistant. There you will see several switches. The top switch controls all others. Switch it off and you will not receive reminders anymore. You will receive updates on your payment and password reset emails though.

Subscriptions and cancelling

  • When does my subscription end?
    The status of your subscription can be found under your profile settings. Login to Online Academy and select ‘settings’ to see the status.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    It can be cancelled in your profile settings. Login to Online Academy, select the ‘settings’ tab and next to the ‘active’ status of your subscription, select ‘cancel’. You need to confirm with your password before the cancellation is official.