Online Academy

About Online Academy

Online Academy is the online learning platform for organizations. With Online Academy, your employees follow unlimited online training courses. This ensures better performance, more job satisfaction and a greater loyalty to you as an employer.

Advantages of Online Academy

  • High quality training content
  • Effective learning with our unique ’10-minute method”
  • Wide range of accredited trainers

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Why we started Online Academy

Nowadays, working people need to keep learning all their lives. But that doesn’t always work out: research shows that 6 million out of 7.3 million employees in the Netherlands do not actively develop themselves. And those who do learn, do not always do so effectively. For example, many people start online training courses, however research shows that only 8 to 12 percent of all e-learning courses are actually completed.

At NCOI Groep we wanted to do something about that. We decided to study immediately the e-learning research and then to experiment for ourselves. For example, we discovered that you achieve the best results when you learn in small blocks. Based on our findings, we set up Online Academy.

In Online Academy we offer your employees the opportunity to increase their performance, mobility, job satisfaction and talents. In a way that is efficient, effective and inspiring. Because that’s the only way your employees will not only begin to develop themselves, but will continue to do so.

What Online Academy can offer your organization

By now, many thousands of people are taking advantage of Online Academy’s more than 250 training courses. We offer a wide range of training courses: from programming and strategic management, to personal effectiveness. Your employees can follow these training courses without any restrictions. And they start right away, without having to fill out forms first. There is no limit to what they can learn.

Unique 10-minute method

We understand that your employees are busy. That’s why our training courses are structured as efficiently as possible. Your employees will only spend 5 to 10 minutes a day on the training, with our unique learning method. That makes it easy to start and complete a training. Moreover, research has shown that the subject is better to memorize when learning in small blocks rather than spend long periods of time on something.

High quality training

Good e-learning is more than just reading texts from a screen. Your employees learn in an interactive way. For example, taking quizzes, videos, 360° feedback and adaptive tests; and then immediately applying what they’ve learned into practice. They regularly receive assignments to carry out at work. Then the next lesson they’ll reflect on it: how did it go? That way the lesson material becomes more than just a good tip: the skills really become part of them.

Wide range of quality training courses

Your employees can choose from a large number of online training courses provided by accredited NCOI Group trainers. For example, from NCOI Opleidingen, Computrain and Boertien Vergouwen Overduin. These trainers have years of experience and train 200,000 employees a year. As a result, we know exactly what is important for the development of your employees. Moreover, our wide range of training courses continues to grow every month.

Online Academy in your organization?

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