Vitality is important for everyone. But how do you reach vitality? This practical online course will help you on your way. Every day you will gain new insights and get tips and examples on various themes. In addition, you will also just DO things! With pleasant assignments you will start to adjust your lifestyle a little bit from the first day onwards. We shall slowly guide you to new habits. Knowing how to do it is simple; acting upon it is the real challenge.

Gezondheid & Vitaliteit

weeks Online Academy
Online Academy

Target audience

This online course is for everyone! Do you want to know how you can increase your vitality? Would you like to take your first steps today? Then start with this online course immediately. * In case of serious complaints, always seek professional help from e.g. a doctor.

Learning goals

This online course will make you aware of your lifestyle. In addition, you will gain insight into how you can improve various factors. The 4 most important factors are healthy eating, adequate exercise, good sleep and relaxation.

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