The Pyramid Principle

The Pyramid Principle

Pyramid writing is very useful. It is a way of writing which includes your reader from the beginning of your story. You start with the core and then dig deeper into the material. This course will teach you how to write according to the pyramid principle. You will learn about the theories, see examples and write and think in a pyramid manner too!

Schriftelijke Communicatie

weeks Boertien Vergouwen Overduin
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Target audience

Do you frequently write policy documents, articles, newsletters, essays or long letters? Or do you write texts for people with little time to read them? Then this is the course for you. Your writing level is not important for starting this course.

Learning goals

How does pyramid writing work? What are the benefits for you and your reader? How do you structure texts from a reader´s perspective? Writing your first text according to the pyramid principle.

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