Output-focused Leadership

Output-focused Leadership

Output-focused management is about management based on results. Traditionally, leaders often focus on throughput. Either where does someone work, who is busy and is he/she at the office. This is important in some professions, but nowadays management is increasingly concerned with results. You therefore direct employees to ensure the correct results. And this does not have that much to do with working hours and work location. That is why result-oriented management often goes hand in hand with the transition to The New Way of Working. If your employees are always on the road, you cannot check whether they are actually working. Focussing on results works much better in those situations. In this online course you will learn how to make the transition to output focused leadership. You learn how it works, which frameworks you can use and what this requires from you and your employees.


weeks Boertien Vergouwen Overduin
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Target audience

Output-focused Leadership is for everyone in a leadership position that has the freedom to evaluate employees on their results. The course is particularly suitable for people who are considering making the transition to output-oriented steering.

Learning goals

You know what output control can bring you. You know what inspires people to move. You know which responsibilities the manager has and which belong to the employee. You know which basic behaviour is required of them for output control to succeed. You know what coaching leadership is and how that helps inspire employees and give them responsibility.

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