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Online Academy

Initial education at the start of your career is just not enough anymore. Everyone needs to keep up by retraining and updating your skills and that is not easy. Where do you find the time and focus to keep learning every day? To help companies facilitate in Life Long Learning for their employees, NCOI Group offers Online Academy. It is the easiest and most effective way to for your employees to learn new skills. By learning daily for a couple of weeks, they just need 10 minutes every day to learn. This helps staying focused and remember and apply what you learned effectively. It is a perfect way to keep performing on demanding jobs and still work on personal development. You don’t buy a single course, you buy access to limitless online learning. With a company membership to Online Academy every single employee gets access to our numerous Online Courses in a wide range of topics. They can be accessed anywhere any time using your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This way you can learn at work during a break, in the train to work or comfortably at home on the couch.

Why go for Online Academy?

Online Academy offers a company membership that facititates limitless online learning. No complicated approval and registration processes, direct access for anyone to anything. This allowes employees to start learning when they need to at their own pace. Online Academy Is a great way to spark learning in your organization. It gets people going by offering interesting courses, webinars, podcasts and learning journeys for anyone. When you start offering online academy you will notice how easy it is. No long implementations, our onboarding is done in a breeze!

Wide range of high quality courses

Your employees can take any of our quality courses. They are developed by the recognized educators within NCOI Group. All our educators have years of experience offering all types of education on the highest quality standards. Together we educate more than 200.000 students and professionals every year.

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Phone: +31 35 - 7 506 178
KvK-number: 63894157
VAT-number: NL 8554.43.686.B.01